Waterless Degreasing Platforms

Oil Separations Solutions are the experts of continuously innovating platforms that degrease a variety of components such as engineering components, without the need for various resources. This includes Ferrous, Non Ferrous, Glass and Plastic.

The resources mentioned above significantly decreases the use of water, chemical degreasers, intensified labour or discharge to a sewer. Oil Separations Solutions thus increases efficiency in terms of increasing production, lowering operational expenses as well as a reduction in climate change potential.

In order to reduce human involvement in the degreasing process, many companies buy the strongest industrial degreaser which often contains toxic components.

An interesting note about vapor degreasing is that the degreaser condensates on the exterior of electrical parts and never invades their interior. Another advantage of vapor degreasers over traditional degreasers is that they offer a deeper level of degreasing.

An additional advantage of vapor degreasers is that they leave no water spots and don’t promote oxidization. Over the course of time, most water-based degreasers cause objects to oxidize, destroying both their appearance and eventually their durability.

The common type of solvent degreaser is the simple vapour machine. Oil Separations Solutions incorporate ultrasonic in the cleaning technique.

Hydrocarbon residue removal is an intricate process. Oil Separations Solutions has designed an effective system that disperses and degreases certain substances. The OSS DEBOND is effective in removing spills, stains as well as Hydrocarbon based products such as motor oils, greases, fats, petrol and diesel. This is especially appropriate when the substances are impacted and weathered.  It is important for the application to break 20 minutes in between.

 Additional Waterless Degreasing Platforms that Oil Separations Solutions has to offer is the OSS 2000 Degreaser. This degreaser is a surface active agent that binds metals in various solutions with an element of a Foaming Water-Based Oil that is specifically formulated to clean oily deposits from hard surfaces, vehicles and equipment.

Contact Oil Separations Solutions for more information regarding effective waterless degreasing platforms.OSS Waterless Degreasing Platforms

OSS Waterless Degreasing Platforms degrease engineering components (Ferrous, Non Ferrous, Glass and Plastic) without the need for water, chemical degreasers, intense labour, discharge to sewer or an effluent permit. OSS Waterless Degreasing Platforms therefore increase production rates, create a better working environment and promote a reduction in climate change potential.

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