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OSS Sales and Services (PTY) Ltd has been awarded the contract for the collection of used oil containers from garage forecourts, by The ROSE Foundation.

These used oil containers are a contaminated waste which cannot be sent directly to plastic recyclers or scrap metal recyclers, untreated. There are waste generators which are disposing of this valuable and contaminated waste stream in general waste and therefore sending it to landfill, breaking the law.

We have vehicles (sponsored by The ROSE Foundation ) which collect filled plastic bags of these containers on a daily bases. OSS will supply the plastic bags, collect the filled bags, replace the plastic bags and issue the waste generator with a disposal certificate…. all free-of-charge.

Once containers reach our premises:

  • Containers are sorted by material composition
  • Oil and anti-freeze (Ethaline Glycol) is removed from the metals and plastics
  • None of these materials leave the premises with hydrocarbon contamination
  • Plastics are then shredded and metal cans are baled
  • Plastic and metals are then sent to recyclers
  • A circular economy is created and sustained
  • No linear economy
  • No waste to landfill!

Currently, OSS collects used plastic and metal oil containers from all over Gauteng but we are aiming to increase the footprint nation-wide.

Please support this initiative by contacting OSS Sales and Services (PTY) Ltd.




OSS DEBOND™ is an effective dispersant and degreaser, designed by OSS to assist with the cleaning of hard surfaces which require the removal of Hydrocarbon residue’s.

OSS DEBOND™ is a degreaser which is extremely effective when dealing with spills, stains, slicks of Hydrocarbon based products such as motor oils, greases, fats, petrol and diesel, especially those that are impacted and weathered.

Once applied to a surface with Hydrocarbon contamination, OSS DEBOND™ requires 20 minutes to break the bond between the surface and the Hydrocarbon waste. Thereafter, all the remaining residues are collected, removed and disposed of by OSS. The active ingredient in OSS DEBOND™  is a solution containing aqueous silicates.

OSS DEBOND™ is an intumescent, which means that it has fire retarding capabilities. (Intumescent means that it swells up when exposed to heat and increases in volume, whilst decreasing in density).

Please note: OSS DEBOND™ cannot be discharged into oil/water separators or directly into sewer systems (Ph 12.8-13.5). OSS DEBOND™ cannot be applied to metal’s such as aluminium and magnesium or their alloys, painted surfaces, glass or rubber.



OSS 2000™ Degreaser

OSS 2000™ Degreaser  is a quick-break degreaser which is a surfactant (surface active agent) and a
chelating agent (binds metals in solutions).

OSS 2000™ Degreaser is a Foaming Water-Based Oil Splitting Degreaser specifically formulated to
clean oily deposits from hard surfaces, vehicles and equipment.

OSS 2000™ Degreaser is specifically for cleaning applications where the waste stream must pass
through an active oil/water separator.

OSS 2000™ Degreaser will temporarily trap the oily waste in the water during the cleaning process
and will quickly brake, thus allowing for complete separation of the oily waste from the water solution in downstream processing equipment.


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