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Oil Separation Solution Water Recycling Platforms

Oil Separations Solutions is passionate about providing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions, more especially with regards to water recycling platforms. An illustrative example of this water recycling initiative is the OSS Ion exchange. This is a purification technique which could be used on varying types of water which include pure water; waste water as well as selective ION removal form water based chemical solutions.

Ion exchange is a reversible chemical reaction wherein an ion (an atom or molecule that has lost or gained an electron and thus acquired an electrical charge). These solid ion exchange particles are either naturally occurring inorganic zeolites, which is also known as “synthetically produced organic resins”. The synthetic organic resins are the predominant type used today because their characteristics can be tailored to specific applications.

ION exchange reactions are stoichiometric, which means that it is predictable based on chemical relationships. The strategy employed in using this technology is to exchange somewhat harmless ions.

An interesting step to note is the process of regeneration. The higher the preference a resin exhibits for a particular ion, the greater the exchange efficiency in terms of resin capacity for removal of that ion from solution. The systems are operated in cycles consisting of the following four steps:

  1. Service (exhaustion) – Water solution containing ions is passed through the ion exchange column.
  2. Backwash – The bed is washed (generally with water) in the reverse direction of the service cycle in order to expand and resettle the resin bed.
  3. Regeneration – The exchanger is regenerated by passing a concentrated solution of the ion originally associated with it (usually a strong mineral acid or base) through the resin bed.
  4. Rinse – Excess regenerate is removed from the exchanger, usually by passing water through it.

Another recycling platform that is predominantly used is the collection of filled plastic bags. Oil Separations Solutions replaces the plastic filled bags, free of charge.

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Oil Separation Solution Ion exchange

is a water purification technique used on many types of pure water, waste water and for selective ION removal from aqueous chemical solutions.

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