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Oil Separation Solutions (Pty)Ltd is a waste management company with 23 years of experience in hazardous waste management.

We hold ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and are licensed by the South African government to transport, store and process hazardous waste. Our product and service offerings include technological and systems based solutions for future proof sustainable total waste management. This enables our operations to reduce life cycle environmental impacts and create regenerative circular economic models using cradle to cradle methodologies rather than the linear route to disposal. Our technology based products and service offerings eliminate, reduce, reuse and recycle waste, which saves money throughout the supply and production chain. All our technology platforms reduce costs, liability, labor, climate change potential, carbon footprint and environmental degradation.

With a variety of solutions that can be implemented in various circumstances, Oil Separations Solutions is one of the most radically transformational organisations that specialises in solutions such as Waterless Degreasing Platforms, Oil Recycling Platforms, Absorbent Platforms, Thermo-Chemical Platforms, Self-Cleaning Oil and Water Separators as well as Water Recycling Platforms.

We are passionate about the science behind the different oil separation solutions as a waste management company. Oil Separation Solutions is at the forefront of radical innovation to transform waste to wealth at a vigorous and continuous rate.

An illustrative example of the thermo-chemical destruction platform utilises organic compounds. Waste components which include hydrocarbons have the ability to be transformed into products with value. This in turn creates chain reaction of economic value and commercial substance.

Environmental concerns and sustainability are at the top of our organisational priorities. Oil Separation Solutions strives towards generating solutions that subsequently removes atmospheric carbon dioxide.

It is imperative that we make use of appropriate technologies for the recovery of resources from nonconventional sources such as waste, in order to ease the energy crisis and to slow environmental degradation which shall, in turn, reduce the percentage of land-filled wastes.

There are three different thermo-chemical conversions which includes combustion (complete oxidation), gasification (partial oxidation) and pyrolysis (thermal degradation without oxygen).

High grade materials that are absorbent also allows for leaks to be monitored on a continuous basis. It is also important to note that the Absorbent Pads from Oil Separations Solutions do not allow leaching.

Recycling has become a prominent practice in today’s society. Oil Separations Solutions has the responsibility of integrating oil containers in various waste management contexts. Waste generators are also utilised in this regard.

It is important to note that Oil Separations Solutions has a fleet of vehicles that collects the filled plastic bags of these waste generated containers. These containers are sorted by material composition with Ethylene Glycol that is removed from the metals and plastics.

Currently, OSS collects used plastic and metal oil containers from all over Gauteng but we are aiming to increase the footprint nation-wide.

We have the following Accreditations:

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