Waste Management Company

The history of oil separation solutions

OSS was founded in 1994 and over the years has expanded from its head office in Gauteng to establish branch operations in North West, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Western Cape Provinces. The Waste Management Industry in South Africa is a dynamic and evolving system that is legislated by government with far reaching implications for everyone who generates waste. The Waste act 2008 has, for all stakeholders, major consequences for everyone. From the generator, to those who remove and treat it, to government who oversee the delivery of the legislation.

In response, OSS has strategically positioned itself as an integrated Total Waste Management provider, setting about changing the face of and re-engineering waste management in South Africa. We have achieved this by creating a number of technologically advanced solutions for waste and resource management, with the introduction of developed recycling platforms necessary for environmental sustainability, complying with the requirements of the ever evolving Waste Act.

The Waste Management Act

The introduction of The Waste Act 59 of 2008 has basically reformed the laws regulating waste management in South Africa and provided the legislative framework around which the National Waste Management Strategy has been constructed. This is one of the cornerstone principles of how OSS conducts its daily business.

OSS believes that the development of products that, not only comply with Global Standards but surpass them, are of paramount importance for a cleaner South African Environment and a reduction in Global temperature rise for the prevention of climate change.

Green Engineering

The use of “Green Chemistry” and Green Engineering processes enables OSS to produce world class products and services that are renewable and sustainable. Our in-house process technologies are ground breaking, both in concept and design and are based on creating a circular economy rather than the linear route of disposal. This allows diversification into areas that are synergistic with the core competence of the company.


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