Self Cleaning Oil And Water Separators

These are designed to separate non-emulsified light liquids or low-water-soluble fluids with specific gravity below 0.95 such as gasoline, diesel, heating or mineral oils, etc. The separated oil is automatically removed from the water surface and collected in an internal or external oil recipient.

Benefits of oil and water separators

  1. They are perfect for small facilities with frequent hot spots, generating small volumes of contaminated waste water.

  2. Separates non-emulsified light liquids to 5 ppm effluent oil content.

  3. Low cost removal of virtually 100% pure oil collection.

  4. Non-chemical / non-electrical system.

  5. Installation and maintenance friendly

An oil retaining weir at the surface holds the oil back as the clean water passes under the weir. The surface oil drains out through an adjustable skimmer that is set to continuously ‘peel’ away and remove the topmost portion of the oil layer. The oleophilic, coalescing media accelerates the separation of the oil water phases of the emulsion solution, permitting the separation to take place in a smaller tank. A bag filter is utilized in the inlet chamber to facilitate removal of solids.

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